Custom Tile Shower Installation in Middle Georgia

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What's a Schluter-Shower?

The Schluter-Shower system is famous for its proprietary waterproofing technology and lifetime warranties. If you’re interested in tile showers with clean design, quick installation, and long-term mold and mildew prevention, this system is for you.

Flooring Specialist offers the entire spectrum of Schluter Systems products for customers in Central Georgia and beyond.

Custom showers by Schluter offer unparalleled water protection

Tiles and grout joints aren’t meant to withstand excessive moisture without additional protective measures. The Schluter-Shower system boasts a family of waterproofing products that can make your shower watertight and fully protected from gradual moisture damage.

We offer tile showers because of their long-term value. Schluter-Showers use modern design and technology for elegant products that block moisture, prevent mold and mildew growth, and protect your home and your family. Their waterproofing, vapor control, and advancements in coupling and support are ahead of their competitors.

Customizing your shower

A new shower should make customers happy—not anxious. It should be installed to last a lifetime, not just a couple of years. It should be exactly what the homeowner or designer imagined. That’s why Flooring Specialist offers beautiful custom showers by renowned tile and stone innovators at Schluter Systems.

We’ll help you customize a shower that works for you. Traditional shower designs don’t always accommodate special building requests. Custom showers are extremely popular among our taller customers. That’s right, no head bumping or elbow-bruising!

Tile showers can be altered to fit home designs that incorporate spacious walk-in showers or tailored to the size of your tub or blueprint specifications.

In addition, Schluter-Shower technologies, such as electric floor warming, seamless corners and crack-safe weight distributed tiling offer additional accessibility features for differently abled homeowners.

Schluter Construction

Popular add-ons and accessories for our custom showers

Electric shower floor warming and sound control are two luxurious upgrades offered within the Schluter-Shower arsenal. Imagine a relaxing, quiet trip to a sauna, but in the comfort of your own home! A dream shower like this can make winter weather more bearable, and it can be a peaceful escape after a long day of wrangling little ones!

Our sales representatives can introduce you to a full line of Schluter-Shower systems and accessories. From shelves to drains, to shower benches and waterproofing pipe seals. We’ve got everything you need for a calm, custom shower oasis.

Our Favorite Schluter-Shower Products

These are just SOME of the Schluter-Shower system of products available from Flooring Specialist:







Lifetime Warranty

If we install any of the above products with a Schluter thin-set mortar, your shower may be eligible for a Schluter Lifetime Warranty, including full cost, full resolution, and all materials and labor. Contact us today for a free estimate. You can visit our Warner Robins showroom to discuss a Schluter-Shower system sales and installation plan that is right for your home and budget. Interested in assistance with a bathroom renovation? We also have an unbeatable array of tile and stone products in stock to show you.

Whether you live in our Central Georgia service area or not, we’re happy to provide you with a free quote for a custom shower. We often serve customers in Warner Robins, Macon, Perry, Byron, and Fort Valley, but we aren’t limited to this region! Call us at (478) 922-7777 for more information!