7 Tips to Keep the Harmony at Home- Hardwood Floors vs Your Fur Baby

Every homeowner dreams of gorgeous, hardwood floors throughout their home. The look and feel of hardwood speak volumes. But do you know what else is loud? Fido’s barking. When you’re trying to create your dream home, for a lot of families, that includes having pets. There are ways to have the best of both worlds- gorgeous, hardwood floors AND fur babies running around- without causing damage to your floors. 

Pick your hardwood carefully

Deciding which hardwood floor is important. There are a lot of factors to consider, especially if you have pets. Finish, color, grain, engineered vs solid wood. 

Picking a lighter color wood will help prevent any scratches from being as visible compared to darker wood. Choosing a wood, like oak, with a more pronounced grain, is going to help camouflage any scratches. A high gloss finish will make any scratches or damage stand out more, so sticking with a matte or satin finish is best. 

Choosing to go with a solid wood plank compared to an engineered floor is a better choice too. Solid wood can be refinished and sealed again, whereas engineered wood floors are thinner and may not be able to handle the sanding. 

Stay on top of those toes

Keeping up with regular nail trims for your furry friends can help greatly reduce the risk of hardwood floors getting scratched. You can learn how to trim your pet’s nails at home or your vet will be able to make sure your pet’s nails stay as short as possible. Using doggy booties or nail tips are two other options to manage your dog’s nails to prevent scratches. 

Use mats under food and water bowls

Place mats under your pet’s food and water bowl. The mat will catch any sloppy eater’s mess and prevent it from staining or damaging the hardwood floor underneath. If any food or water escapes the mat; make sure it’s wiped up quickly. 

Place rugs and runners down in high-traffic areas

Using area rugs and other runners can also protect hardwood floors. And not just from your pets. Make sure the rugs are moved around occasionally. If not, the surrounding area can become lighter than the wood underneath the rug since it hasn’t been exposed to sunlight.  

Clean up any accident asap

House training your pup can be a lot of work. But avoiding accidents, especially directly onto the hardwood, will save you a lot of headaches. If an accident does happen, it’s important to clean up the spot right away. As long as it isn’t allowed to just sit on the hardwood it will be fine. If it does sit too long, there is a chance that the wood can warp. 

Careful with heavy bones or toys 

Your pet’s toys can be just as damaging as their nails. Hard, heavy bones or toys with hard edges can damage hardwood floors if they’re dropped or drug around. Pets need toys obviously, have to keep them entertained, but make smart choices. Maybe a rope toy or stuffed animal with a squeaker in it instead of the 5 lb bone. 

Wipe paws when you come in from outside

Anytime your pet comes in from outside, it’s a good habit to wipe off paws. They can bring in wet, muddy, dirt, and other bits from outside. And, if it is raining, make sure to dry your pet off before letting them back inside. Try to keep them from dripping inside on the hardwood floors. And, if they do, have a towel ready to wipe it up quickly. 


It is more work to have hardwood floors and pets together, but that doesn’t mean they can’t co-exist. If you follow these tips then any home can boast hardwood floors and fur babies. Don’t miss out on having the house and floors you’ve been dreaming about just because of Fido. 

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