5 HOT Trends to Consider When Updating Your Flooring

5 HOT Trends to Consider When Updating Your Flooring

Trends come and go- and flooring trends are no different. When designing or updating your home, it’s important your flooring choice matches functionality and style. The options are seemingly endless when it comes to flooring- oak, pine, cork, concrete, luxury vinyl plank, and so on. 

It’s fair to say that the flooring you choose is a pretty important decision since everyone uses them. Your floors hold memories- first steps, unwrapping presents by the tree on Christmas morning, impromptu dance parties, and everything in between. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 trends when it comes to flooring. These options are not only beautiful and stylish, but can bring life to any outdated home. 

Go Bold with Patterns

Patterns on any surface definitely attract attention. In the past, you’d find patterned flooring in smaller spaces like hallways or in a bathroom. More recently, patterned floors are becoming a more popular option throughout the house. Bold patterns, chevrons, diamonds, and colors are now a hot trend. 

Whether you prefer hardwoods, luxury vinyl planks, or tile, you can create any design or pattern you can imagine. No longer do people expect plain tile or wood. Patterns and colors show off an individual’s personality. Have fun with them and leave an impression on everyone who comes inside your home. 

White Oak

Hardwood floors will forever be a staple when it comes to flooring. There are seemingly endless options or finishes to choose from and white oak has become a front runner. This type of hardwood is great in either its natural state or finished with stains. In its raw state, white oak creates a natural and relaxed atmosphere. It is light which helps make your space seem larger and airy. 

This wood also handles finishes and stains extremely well and can help you create the custom feel every home should have. Not only does it look beautiful, but white oak is also extremely durable and resistant to scratches. 

Ultra Matte

Matte everything seems to be a popular trend not only in flooring, but everywhere. Matte finishes are characterized by the low-sheen natural look and feel.  Floors with a matte finish are very durable and stand the test of time. The matte look helps diminish the appearance of any scratches or dings. If you have children or pets, a matte finish is a perfect option for those high-traffic areas. 

Matte finishes will bring out the natural grain and appearance of the wood. If you choose to go with a matte finish, make sure you test out a sample to make sure you like the finished product. Designing a room around matte floors is easy to accomplish. They’re so versatile that they look good bare or covered with area rugs and furniture.

Oversize Planks

Wider and longer planks are becoming more and more popular. The larger dimensions give a more seamless appearance by helping create a more open and airy feel in a room. And since the individual planks are larger, there aren’t as many breaks in the grain of the wood so there is a more continuous flow.

Apart from the design aspect, larger planks mean less cost when it comes to installation and materials. Oversized plank flooring can be installed quicker than more narrow planks since each plank covers more square footage.

Nature Inspired Design

A more natural and organic feel is becoming more and more popular. Nature-inspired designs can help bring the feel of nature and peace into your home. Blues, greens, browns, and other neutral shades can help create a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Certain tiles, luxury vinyl planks, and different finishes can give a welcoming and inviting sense to you and anyone who visits your home. 

Whether it’s a floral pattern or aquatic blues, your floors can help set the mood for any room. 

Flooring Specialist has You Covered 

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