Choosing wall colors to complement your wood floors

One of the reasons that people love wood floors is because they work with many aesthetics. However, it can still be difficult to pick out the best color option to compliment your floors, especially when trying to work with the current home trends. Every year different wall paint colors become popular and it can be hard to know what works versus what will not work with your wood flooring.

One of the first steps is deciding what type of colors you want to paint your walls. Do you want dark or more neutral tones or even light, bright tones? Once you decide, you can move on to picking the actual color that you want to go with and begin the process of determining if it will complement your space. This blog will help you learn how to match wall colors with wood floors and pick the perfect colors for your home!

General Tip:

Our biggest piece of advice when it comes to picking out paint colors to go with your wood floor color is to look at the undertones of your wood floors. Your paint shades should provide gorgeous contrast with this undertone to create a more balanced space.


Wall Paint Colors for Neutral Light Wood Floors

Light wood flooring has grown in popularity due to its ability to illuminate a space and hide dust. When picking colors to go with light hardwood floors, it’s hard to go wrong, but we definitely would avoid staying away from warm neutrals, as they would match too closely with the wood floor and would make your space look flat, and yellow undertones can make your home look dated. We recommend choosing cool and light tones for your walls and the trim, such as a cool white or gray! One of our favorite tricks is to paint the trim and wall the same color to open up the space even more. 

Wall Paint Colors for Cherry Hardwood Floors

Cherry hardwood flooring can be a little more difficult to pick a wall color for. Cherry wood floors run very red and can even look maroon at times. The best wall pairings for these floors are painted with cool undertones such as a cool light blue or gray. These colors will balance out the warm tone of the floors and add depth to the room! 

Flooring Specialist for your Floor Needs

If you want to switch out your floors to match your painted walls, or because you like one type of color scheme more than the other, call Flooring Specialist Today! We can provide you with a free consultation to help you find the wood floors of your dreams.