Tile and stone bring structure and strength to any home—historic or contemporary. Whether they are incorporated into floors, walls, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, or even counters, tile and stone are unifiers. They bring the design of a home together and make it memorable.

At our Warner Robins showroom, we stock samples and have an expert staff that can assist you with tile design and material selection. The applications of tile and stone in a home or business are nearly endless, so we pride ourselves on bringing a practical, kind, and trustworthy perspective to help you with any remodeling or building project.

Why choose tile and stone?

Tile and stone are extremely versatile and customizable. In a home, these materials can become focal points or act as subtle details in the background. This creative freedom gives a customer the power to decide how to incorporate them. Additionally, tile and stone are very reasonable when it comes to price, which allows for even more flexibility in design.

With infinite varieties and patterns, tiling and stonework can work alone, or together, in any interior design style. As a pair, they are quite the aesthetically pleasing match!

When installed properly, the right tiles can give a homeowner unbeatable, long-lasting durability in high traffic areas. They’re incredibly easy to clean and maintain. At Flooring Specialist, we offer quick installation that’s precise to your specifications. We can also offer seasoned advice on the best choices for your space, taken from over 20 years of experience.


Our customers' favorite tile and stone applications

Fireplace surrounds are a popular choice for tile and stone. With a warm-and-toasty crackling fire in the winter, a rustic stone fireplace surround can add a calming natural touch to a great room.

Kitchen backsplashes are another crowd favorite. Contemporary, open concept kitchens and living rooms allow countertops to be open and visible.  Luckily, this new trend gives homeowners even more options for decoration! In the age of Pinterest, backsplashes and tile designs have become a kind of artwork to show off when company is over.

Not only can you add a pop of color or intricate pattern to spice up your kitchen, but also your walls will be protected from spills and splashes! Check out this article from Architectural Digest for a few ideas on how we can help you add flair to your kitchen backsplash with tile.

However, one of the most widely sought applications of tile and stone is in bathroom design. We often hear inquiries about our travertine, marble, and ceramic tiles for bathroom builds and remodels. Adding a little finesse to a bathroom with tiling and stoneworking is more affordable than you’d think—and so worth it. A fancy bathroom with style is a much more uplifting place to get prepped and ready for the day.

Tile and Stone are extremely water resistant, but they can also provide intentionally clean lines and a calming color scheme. Around a custom shower, luxurious tile or stone can make an ordinary bathroom feel like a trip to the spa.

We offer free estimates!

Tile and stone are some of the most cost-efficient floor and decoration options on the market. If you’re pursuing a remodel, build, or renovation in the Middle Georgia area, call us for competitive pricing and a free estimate on your project.

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