Carpeting versus Hardwood

Carpet and hardwood flooring are both extremely popular, and with reason. However, they are popular for very different reasons and cater to different needs. It is important to note these differences when deciding which type of flooring material you want to go within your living space. In this blog, we will examine the two most popular flooring options to help you make the best choice for your needs. 


Modern Carpet vs Hardwood: The Logistics

Today, carpets are made with loops of synthetic fibers that are threaded through large sheets of backing material. These carpet fibers are typically nylon or polyester, but can sometimes be found in natural materials such as cotton or wool. Carpets are made in big rolls and purchased by foot in the quantity needed. 


Hardwood flooring today is either solid hardwood, also known as natural hardwood flooring or is engineered hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood floors are simply boards of wood that are taken from felled hardwood trees. The wood flooring is sanded on top and left rougher on the bottom. There are tongue-and-grooves on the edges of the wood planks where the boards interlock when installed. 


Engineered wood flooring is a thin layer of hardwood that has been attached to a cheaper thick layer of high-quality plywood. This allows the wood floors to be more stable than solid wood flooring when it comes to withstanding humidity. These wood floors also have tongue and groove edges. 


Cost of Installation

Cost is one of the biggest factors for customers when deciding on which flooring option to go with. Quality hardwood floors cost about $8 per square foot, while carpet floors cost about $3 per square foot. 


While these are the average prices, prices may differ based on different things. For instance, quality hardwood flooring and solid flooring are typically more expensive. Carpet pricing can also differ depending on fiber type, look, and more. 


Return on Investment

Installing hardwood floors adds real estate value, while carpet flooring does not. This is because wood can be timeless, and can last 100 years or more, while carpet typically lasts around 10 years. This means that carpet will most likely need to be replaced, but hardwood will not.


Comfort and Cleanliness

The biggest advantage carpet has over hardwood floors is that it is more comfortable. Carpet flooring is warmer and also muffles noises such as footsteps. 


Hardwood floor is ideal for those who suffer from allergies as synthetic fiber carpets can trap dust easily.  Both carpet and hardwood are easily cleaned for things such as dust, however, carpet can soak up stains easily and be harder for stain removal.   


Carpet is also harder to clean, as stains can get soaked into the fibers and dust can get trapped. Hardwood is easier to clean as you can simply sweep or damp mop with a wood cleaner to get rid of deep dirt and stains. 


Resistance towards Trends

The flooring industry is constantly undergoing trends, but carpet and hardwood have remained the popular choices for years.


However, while old carpet can look dated, with changing carpet trends and general wear and tear, hardwood rarely looks dated. Wood flooring has been shown to surpass the cyclical trends and has been shown to increase resale value. 


Flooring Specialist for Carpet and Hardwood Needs

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