Custom Bathrooms with Schluter Shower Systems

We at Flooring Specialist are proud to be partnered with Schluter Systems, the industry’s largest and most innovative supplier. 

Schluter Systems 

Schluter Systems was founded in 1975 when the Schluter-SCHIENE was first created to address the common problem of exposed tile edges. The company was founded by Werner Shlüter, who at the age of 12, decided he wanted to become a Master Tile Setter. Since then, the company has consistently developed innovative solutions to meet the industry’s needs.

Why Schluter Shower Systems?

Although most people think that tiles and grout joints are made to be waterproof and can be installed in showers with no problems, that is not the case. They must be installed with a waterproofing system that is capable of preventing mold and can manage moisture. 

Schluter Shower Systems, on the other hand, are integrated products, that when installed together, form a watertight tiled shower that is fully secure. Even more so, this system is easier to install and reduces overall installation time greatly. It also eliminates the risk of shower failures due to moisture buildup or water and vapor seepage. 

Schluter Shower Systems Products

The Schluter Shower System includes:

  1. Waterproofing products
  2. Drains
  3. Prefabricated substrates
  4. Accessories
  5. Shower & Tub Kits

1. Waterproofing Products

Schluter offers two different waterproofing membranes that provide you with protection behind your shower walls: KERDI and KERDI-DS. These products are durable and pliable, “bonded waterproof membranes and vapor retarders.” Schluter also offers accessory products made from KERDI, including waterproofing strips, seamless corners, and more, which help complete the waterproofing for your shower. They help guarantee that your shower is protected from mold and mildew.

2. Drains

Schluter’s KERDI DRAIN is a classic drain. It is offered in various grate finishes and works with a range of tile thicknesses. The drain connects seamlessly to the KERDI waterproofing membrane, with a bonding border that creates a waterproof connection point. 

The company also offers a more luxurious feeling drain option with its KERDI-LINE. This drain is ideal for a curbless bathroom and is available in several grate designs. These designs include frameless tileable covering support, and they can be installed adjacent to the wall or at other locations in rooms requiring drainage. This is a great option for open-concept showers!

3. Prefabricated Substrates

The prefabricated shower trays, benches, ramps, and more all work with the KERDI shower assemblies in a seamless way. These are ideal for having shower components in a tiled shower that will be mold and mildew-resistant. These solutions are all quick and easy to install and provide comfort, convenience, and are available in many shapes and sizes to fit any aesthetic. 

4. Accessories

Accessories that are offered by Schluter Shower Systems are used to better tiled shower applications and provide shelving. The accessories also provide splash guards at curbless showers entrances, support for glass walls, and wall finishings that remove the need to cut tile wedges. 

5. Shower and Tub Kits

Schluter’s Shower and Tub Kits are a convenient solution for showers and tubs. These kits help reduce the complications and choices that come with a tiled bathroom project by providing all the essential waterproofing parts in one kit. This allows your project to feel less overwhelming and moves the work from being your responsibility to our team and Schluter Systems. 

Our Partnership

Flooring Specialist is proud to work with Schluter Shower Systems and knows that their products are the best option when it comes to providing your waterproof flooring needs. 

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